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Books By Davina Hamilton



Ella is fed up, but what can she do?

Her quarrelling cousins are making her blue!

It’s Mummy’s big party – the family’s all here

But two pesky cousins are spoiling the cheer!


Ella just wants them to party and play,

She can’t let their arguing ruin the day!

Can Ella fix things? She’s sure that she can,

She just needs to think up a brilliant plan...



Following on from her critically acclaimed titles, Riley Can Be Anything (2017) and Riley Knows He Can (2018), Davina Hamilton returns with her hugely anticipated new children's book,

Ella Has A Plan. 


The delightful rhyming story follows smart, kind-hearted, Ella, as she finds herself trying to break up an argument between her cousins, Taye and Jade. Tired of their constant quarrelling, Ella devises the perfect plan to show her cousins that they're

not so different after all. 


A fun-filled tale with family at the heart, Ella Has A Plan encourages young readers that we can all get along if we aim to find

common ground.