Balancing Kids With A Career

We list experiences that working mums and dads can relate to

By Davina Hamilton

AFTER ARRIVING at work one day last week and being informed by a colleague that my daughter’s pink Hello Kitty hairclip was attached to one of my box braids, I decided that the trials and triumphs of being a working mum were worth writing about!

For those of us who live the working mum experience, we know it’s a balancing act that rarely gets the credit it deserves. And at times, it’s no easy feat.

You force yourself to look attentive during office meetings, even though sleep deprivation is killing you inside; you smile when you arrive at work, even though you’re sad that you’ve left your poorly child at home; and you make sure you meet every deadline your boss sets, so as not to be labeLled the employee who’s lagging ‘because she’s got kids’.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. That sense of achievement you feel knowing that you can hold down your career, while doing the far more important job of raising your offspring is priceless.